I’m Crystal Moore, a 30-something writer/editor living in downtown Toronto. Passionate about fitness and living a reasonable healthy lifestyle. Fur-mom to a chinchilla named Ling Ling. Photography enthusiast. Mindfulness disciple. Music addict. Voracious wanderluster. Napping professional. And of course, an all-around awesome person (if I do say so myself!).

What I Do
Fitness – Come work out with me! I’m a Certified Turbo Kick Group Fitness Instructor & an online health & fitness coach. Let’s work together to find your soulmate fitness program.

Healthy Eating – Nutrition is 80% of reaching your goals. Fun new recipes & portion control are two very important things in my world!

Accountability & Support – I’m your coach & I’m here for you! We can work together one-on-one and/or you can join in one of my online accountability groups, where you’ll join other like-minded people on the same journey. I’m results-oriented and will work with you throughout the entire process. Contact me today to find out how I can help and to reserve your place in the next group!

Why “Fat Caterpillar?”
Caterpillars are slow, lumpy, and not living up to their full potential.
Then they go through a transformation into a glorious Butterfly – a streamlined, beautiful creature who can SOAR.
When you finally understand all that you have to offer, you’ll start working to your full potential & you will take off as well.

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